Hi, I am Vishwas or you can call me V.

I am a music composer and sound designer and have been associated with music and audio for over 8 years. Starting as a guitarist for a band to become a professional composer for video games, films, original songs, commercials and TV, the journey have been super exciting. I play guitar, bass and a fair bit on Piano.


Right from a young age, I've been fond of playing video games and the interactive music has always fascinated me and thus played a very major role in drawing my interest. As a result of my sheer passion, I indulged myself in music and learnt on my own. Blending creativity and tradition, I believe in imbibing high music production value. I find experimenting with different genres really exciting.I can craft music related to different moods as well as situations, whether it is soothing relaxing composition or funky jampiece, I try to expand my range to cover it all. Since I feel all projects are different from each other, I indulge myself in exploring new concepts and believes in forming music in accordance with the exact needs, even if it requires me walking an extra mile. I adapt the composition to suit the distinct vision so that an engaging and dynamic masterpiece is formed to justify your vision.


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